Academy 11 Projects

We want to thank you for your continued support this year, and update you on two major projects that are taking shape thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and staff in Ghana!

The Clubhouse - Academy 11 has a New Home!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that in 2022 we signed a lease for a clubhouse which has become the central hub for our players and staff! With the clubhouse open we have expanded our food program, provided educational tutoring, run football classroom sessions, and have emergency accommodations for players and families.

The building features a kitchen and dining hall, a large classroom, a study/library, office, dormitory, equipment storage, and accommodation for a coach and his family who will manage the facility. Outdoors there’s room for small-sided football, more dining space, as well as a vegetable garden and chicken coop as part of the sustainable food program.

The clubhouse will also be a vital community center for our players – a safe place to socialize with peers, get support with school work, and be part of a positive and enriching community.

Follow @academy11ghana on Instagram to see out progress as we prepare to open the clubhouse!

Expanded Food Program

Food insecurity is a major problem in the world and prior to the pandemic it was rising to around 26% of the world’s population, and it’s expected to become much worse due to the pandemic and other factors.

A majority of Academy 11’s players already experience food insecurity. Earlier this Spring one of our players collapsed during practice, and after rushing him to hospital we learned that he’d not been eating because his father had lost his job and wasn’t able to provide enough food for the family.

To combat this issue the club started a small food program in 2021, but with the opening of the clubhouse it has grown to provide all 80+ players and staff with a healthy and nutritious meal before or after every game and training session (around 6 meals a week!). The expanded food program is critical for both football development and the physical and mental development of our players as young people.

Your Support is Critical

Our teams continue to show great progress and are playing some outstanding football. The addition of the Academy 11 Clubhouse will only enhance their experience and improve their development and well being, but the costs of running the clubhouse and expanding the food program will be significant, and it’s only possible through your generous donations!

We cannot thank you enough for your help in the past, and we hope that you can continue to support our continued growth by donating here. Thank you!