Academy 11

What we do

We ensure that each of our players are getting an education, while developing them as footballers and providing them with healthcare. As the players grow through our academy and graduate from school, we help provide them with opportunities such as becoming a professional footballer or receiving an athletic scholarship to an American college.

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Who we are

Founded by Lee Kellett and Anthony Brockbank in 2011, Academy 11 Ghana is a registered non-profit organization in the United States, run by a number of volunteers and is a registered NGO in Ghana, where local paid staff oversee the running of day to day operations

The future

As our organization continues to grow and have a larger impact on the players and their families, we plan to provide each player with a higher level of education through partnerships with private schools in Ghana and to develop a residential program for the older age groups. We are dedicated to enhancing the community, we hire local staff who we can help grow and flourish and thus help to contribute to the local economy by supporting local businesses as much as possible.

Mission Statement

At Academy 11 we value education, football and opportunity. We strive to provide our players with the best possible experience in each of these areas through a methodical football program, strong educational support and pathways to a life beyond our Academy. Academy 11 also offers development opportunities for locally based staff members and promotes teamwork and collaborative thinking among colleagues.

Our History

In 2011, two football coaches from the UK – Lee and Anthony – traveled to Ghana as volunteers, saw the incredible passion that young people had for football, and were convinced that this passion could be harnessed as a force for the greater good. Over multiple visits to Ghana they established connections with inspirational local partners who shared an understanding of the life-affirming power of football, and through these relationships the Ghana Football project was born.

These partners were above all committed love of football to motivate children to acquire the tools to face life’s challenges. Get kids playing, get them in school, keep them there. Protect the enormously talented ones from predators. In 2019 after developing many clubs and schools, GFP set up their own club and in 2022 merged the two to become known as Academy 11 Ghana.